In the 17th century, the import of Chintz; A glazed patterned textile from India would change the course of European history and visual culture forever. Nobody expected the unprecedented craze that would sweep across Europe for a material that would come to embody the act of conspicuous consumption; a powerful force that would influence society, the economy and European fashion and identity for the next two centuries.



CHINTZD is a creative practice and consultancy specializing in the design and development of fetish gear and apparel. Ranging from custom tailor-made fetishwear to the design of sex positive spaces, we aim to explore a wide range of mediums and opportunities that have the potential to aid in the development of contemporary fetish culture.

Originating from the Latin words  facticius, “artificial” and facere, “to make”, the word fetish refers to an object believed to have supernatural powers; A human-made object that has power over others. We believe that all fetishes have a story and materiality and that this has the power to stimulate the imagination. Just as chintz allowed Europeans to dream up distant lands of the imagination, fetishes open a gateway to a better understanding of ourselves.

Our mission stems from a desire to develop and improve an industry (both fetish and sex industries) that have long been neglected by design. To change an industry into one that is not only accessible and inclusive, but educational as well. With a conceptual approach centred around the importance of experiences, CHINTZD aims to facilitate the creation of sexy, memorable moments that are empowering and transformative.


About the founder – Jon Ho


Amsterdam-based studio CHINTZD was founded in 2017 by designer Jon Ho. Originally from Malaysia, he has lived and studied in Australia, Finland and most recently, the Netherlands where he currently lives and works. His approach in creating CHINTZD was that it would function as a multi-disciplinary practice, using the topics of fetish culture and sex as a means of addressing our understandings of contemporary life.