The Future of Cruising: Park Oeverlanden, 2018
The Future of Cruising: Park Oeverlanden, 2018
“What is the future of cruising?” Cruising is traditionally associated with anonymous public sex. However, one could argue and say that it also fulfils the need to interact both on an intimate and physical level with another human being. Many would argue and say that the rise in dating apps make such activities obsolete, but the rise in loneliness and depression caused by social media seems to say otherwise.

As part of the FuturePlay festival (28th to 30th Septmber 2018) in Amsterdam, a series of functional interventions were placed around the Park Oeverlanden, the only 'legal' cruising area in Amsterdam.  Cushions and matts were wrapped around branches while mirrors and hammocks were hung from trees. Consisting mostly of readymades, these were integrated into the natural landscape of the park with the aim of questioning not only the potential future of cruising, but it's role as a safe space accessible to the public. Musicians performed, becoming the soundtrack of the intended cruising experience.  

Project details :
Produced with Colin Keays and Ryan Eykholt.
Music by Big Hare
Models are regular visitors of the Park Oeverlanden.